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Transcending the Ordinary

Chef Jeremy Zimmerman has created a playful menu inspired by New American cuisine utilizing the freshest of seasonal ingredients. The Mixx takes you on a invigorating sensory adventure, blending Old World with New World taste in a bold, multifaceted atmosphere. The result: a vibrant MIXX of sophisticated and playful dining and lounge spaces that transcend an ordinary event into a remarkable one.


Awakening A Culinary Passion

At the age of 14, Jeremy Zimmerman found what would eventually become his lifelong passion. It all started with a small job at a neighborhood restaurant in Kansas City near his childhood home. It was at this restaurant that he spent many years learning to love and hone his skill for the culinary arts.

Later, in his life, he decided to further improve his knowledge of quality cuisine by traveling the world and learning from expert chefs like Michael Smith and Debbie Gold at the five-star fine dining eatery The American Restaurant. It was through these opportunities that Chef Zimmerman learned to work with the finest ingredients and to always give his diners the best. Jeremy also used his opportunities to learn from guest chefs like the late Juila Childs, Jean Louis Palladin, Patrick Clark, Charlie Trotter, and Lidia Bastianich.


Solidifying His Culinary Expertise

Following, this initiation into the culinary world, Jeremy met his mentor Chef Guillaume Burlion. He worked under Chef Burlion at The Wild Boar Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. It was during this time that he formed a passion for French cuisine and furthered his knowledge in Michelin level service and fine wines. He spent 14 years training under Guillaume Burlion and the two worked together to cook award winning meals for the James Beard House and President Bill Clinton.


Using Expertise To Innovate

After achieving success under the tutelage of others, Jeremy Zimmerman decided to stake out on his own. He moved to Los Angeles to become the sous chef at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. As he honed his craft, he took on additional responsibility, eventually landing as their executive chef. It was there that he honed his unique style of cuisine that he calls “Inspired.”

This Inspired cuisine style allows him to explore dishes from around the world. He uses his skills to work not only on his own culinary programs, which include offerings at both the Charcoal BBQ in Echo Park and the Rose & Vine California Cuisine in Hollywood, but also cooperative experiences. He works with a culinary cooperative that includes Big Daddy’s Artisan Pizza and The Poke Shack, both are located on the Venice, California boardwalk.

He hopes to further influence the world of food with his unique experience and attention to detail by providing innovative and memorable dining experiences for The Mixx’s diners.


Mixx Launch Party Leaves Guests Clamoring for More


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